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An exclusive gift to my christian family (UP TO £250 OFF - Read details below)
James O'Gorman - A Christian Wedding Videographer

James O'Gorman - A Christian Wedding Videographer

I’ve been a committed Christian for over 35 years.

I have a passion in celebrating the sanctity of Christian Marriage.  I’ve been married myself over 20 years to a wonderful Christian lady, ‘Alison’.  We are both actively involved in our local Church, mainly in the Music Ministry.  I video all the Baptisms in our church and our Christian plays (voluntary), and like to support outreach and witness of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every marriage is precious in God’s eyes, and I very much hold to this value.  It would be a pleasure to video your Christian Wedding wherever you are in the UK.

If you are a Christian Couple and getting Married in Church (Modern or Traditional), I would like to offer you a greatly reduced rate as a gift in celebration of your marriage:

Bronze | Silver | Gold = £150 OFF

Platinum | Royal = £250 OFF

Use this Gift Voucher Code if you found me online: CFJOY
(If you have a Card Voucher Code, please use that)


I get involved in other Christian related work too.  Here is a Gospel Music Video I Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited (I even had a cameo extras role in this, as acting is also a passion):

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